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A big THANK YOU to all our valued customers who have kindly taken the time to give us feedback on our products and services!

Here at The Heat Source, we can’t ‘rest on our laurels’: every client and every installation matters to us.

We will always aim to exceed your expectations with our quality products, reliable installations and friendly, technical expertise.

We really hope that you find the following testimonials useful.

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The Heat Source Team.

We have no hesitation in recommending The Heat Source for an MCS Accredited installation of an Air Source Heat Pump … the work was carried out to schedule, professionally and neatly installed.

The new system … delivers a lovely, even heat throughout the house. It’s so nice not to have to worry about oil deliveries and storage! … It works as promised and meets our needs perfectly.

We only wish we had had this work done sooner! *

Mr S. (Billinghay)

*Abridged testimonial; letter.

In 2013 we made the decision to change from an oil heating system to an air source heat pump.


  1. No more oil smells and unslightly (sic) oil big tank in the garden.
  2. Clean, efficient heating system which doesn’t require regular attention.
  3. Much cheaper fuel bills.
  4. Constant level of heat all year round keeping the house at a steady temperature.
  5. More environmentally friendly.


  1. None.

We would recommend The Heat Source as an MCS Accredited company. *

Mr & Mrs E. (Crowle)

*Abridged testimonial; letter.

We were very sceptical prior to making the change (from an oil boiler to an ASHP) … to us it all seemed like ‘smoke and mirrors’; however, we visited a couple of previous installations (done by The Heat Source) and talked to the householders which gave us reassurance.

(The Heat Source) did thorough calculations … (and) the installation was hassle free.

The system requires little maintenance or input from us.

We have saved literally thousands of pounds (and) reduced significantly our impact on the environment.

In our experience, The Heat Source team do what they say they are going to do when they say they are going to do it. The installation/after-sales support has always been friendly and efficient, which was so reassuring in those first few months when everything was new.

I have recommended The Heat Source to friends, neighbours and relations who have all had the same positive experience with the company. *

Mr & Mrs S. (Wragby)

*Abridged testimonial; email.

The Heat Source do not try to sell you a system. (They) give you as much information (as they can) so that you are able to make an informed decision as to whether it is the right system for your needs.

The Heat Source have very high standards when it comes to the installation stage … (taking) great pride to cause little disruption ….. Cabling and pieces of kit are installed with precision to ensure (that) the appearance of the system is the best it can be.

We are delighted with the manner in which it (the ASHP) operates and its’ efficiency. We had an oil boiler as there was no mains gas in the village (but) due to the fluctuations in oil prices (mostly upwards) it was very expensive to run.

We have experienced temperatures down to -16C and the heat pump has had no problem maintaining (the) required temperature.

We would not hesitate to recommend The Heat Source to anyone who is looking for an (MCS) accredited, knowledgeable & reliable installer for renewable energy. *

Mr & Mrs H (Appleby)

*Abridged testimonial; email.

I am very happy to recommend The Heat Source.

The heat pump is fantastic: no loft tank to leak and (it is)efficient at heating the house and (hot) water. I’m definitely pleased to have switched from oil.

(The) installation was efficient and without any mess left.*

Mrs W. (Caistor)

*Abridged testimonial; letter.

We are delighted with our Air Source Heat Pump system which replaced an old oil-fired boiler …

It is extremely efficient and gives us all the hot water we need as well as heating our bungalow.

(It) reacts quickly to any changes in temperature that we ask of it and (it) has proved very reliable.

The installation was managed very professionally with very little disruption … and we have no hesitation in recommending The Heat Source who fitted it. *

Mr & Mrs H. (Gringley)

*Abridged testimonial; letter.

We had an ASHP fitted by The Heat Source and the service we received was brilliant (they) paid attention to every detail: an extensive survey … the calculations and assisting with the RHI payments through to the installation.

We would definitely let people know that The Heat Source (are the people) to use. *

Mr E. (Lincolnshire)

*Abridged testimonial; email.

I am very pleased with my heat pump … The house is always at the right temperature, it doesn’t make any noise and I’ve given up (mains) gas. So winners all round!

I now have a plug-in (electric) car as a heat pump and PV panels …. I’m doing my bit! *

Dr. F. (Lincolnshire)

*Abridged testimonial; letter.

We have had no problems with the efficiency (of the heat pump). Concerning it’s effectiveness … the system was able to cope even with the cold spell in 2018.

The heat pump is more compact with fewer mechanical parts.

The installation was fast and proceeded without hitches … The advice (from The Heat Source) to improve our systems using future technical developments is highly valuable. Everything was done quickly and competently.

The price was commensurate: fully worth the result. We have been recommending (The Heat Source) and its products widely already – even to our barber! *

Mr & Mrs Z (Brattleby)

*Abridged testimonial; letter.

We find (our heat pump) very effective and efficient generating heating and hot water and it is cheaper to run. It is great: we just leave it to get on with the job of keeping us warm and providing hot water on tap!

(There is) no unsightly boiler in the house and no risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The installation was done quickly and efficiently in the time quoted … very pleased with the end result.

(The Heat Source are) passionate about renewable energy. *

Mr & Mrs E. (Lincolnshire)

*Abridged testimonial; email.