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52494506-sun_sNon-polluting, renewable, clean energy source


52494506-lightbulb_sReduced carbon footprint


52494506-solar_panel_sHighly efficient solar cells


icon-pound_sReduced utility bills and reliance on national grid


Future proof your energy needs today.

The Heat Source offer solar panel installation throughout Lincolnshire and the East Midlands.

Solar panels enable you, your home or your business to become less reliant on conventional energy suppliers and therefore less susceptible to rising electricity costs.

Energy generated from solar panels is affordable, clean and can be easily integrated with battery storage and electric vehicle charging points.

Before installing your solar panels, we carry out a full survey to determine the size and orientation of any solar panel installation. We then calculate the number of panels your roof can support. Using values for the average solar radiation and the position of your solar panels, we supply estimates of the generation and/or savings you might expect.