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Reduced ASHP Biomass installation costReduced ASHP/Biomass installation cost


electric vehiclesCustomer owns the equipment


electric vehiclesWe are an OFGEM Approved Investor


electric vehiclesQuality assured installation


electric vehicles7 year warranty included + 7 year low cost maintenance plans available


electric vehiclesReduced CO2 emissions


electric vehiclesReduced running costs

The Heat Source has now been approved by RECC and OFGEM as an ‘Assignment of Rights Investor‘.

The Domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) was launched by the Government in April 2014 to encourage the uptake of renewable heating systems in UK households. It is paid in quarterly instalments over seven years for qualifying installations.

Although the incentive has now been available for over four years the uptake hasn’t been at the level that was expected. This was mainly due to the high initial installation cost in comparison to a traditional fossil fuel boiler installation. As with an Air Source Heat Pump installation, we usually need to upgrade the whole system including the hot water cylinder and radiators. (Subject to survey)

Now with the option to assign the incentive to an OFGEM approved investor like ourselves, the installation cost can now be subsidised to a more affordable level. This funding option is available to all domestic householders and you will fully own the system, outright. Your only ongoing obligation is to keep the equipment maintained as per the manufacturer’s service schedule for the first 7 years.

This incentive should now allow many more homes to benefit from a low carbon and highly efficient heating and hot water system. So, you can enjoy a warm home whilst saving the planet and protecting your wallet.

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